الخميس، 24 نوفمبر 2011

The day we met

Once upon a time in the 20th of april 2011 an angel was born ,, this angel didnt know about the waiting couple ... Ive always thought about adoption since when i was a little girl , it was one of my goals in life , but i was really scred to tell anyone about it ,,, untill i met my prince.. My hubby had the same thought and subhan allah we didnt tell eachother about it ... Untill one day after one year we told each other about it and it was kinda of a dream we didnt know it was going to come true When we first told out family there was a huge refuse from both of our families , they told us that : we are still young and we are normal after we went to the doctor I couldnt slept i cant get the idea out of my mind , we started to research about adoption and learn about foster parenting After we get the orphanage number the social workers told us thet its going to be along journey and alots of paperwork to apply , after a long 2 years they called us to do the first social workers visit we prayed night and day just Months later in 2 october a strange phone number showed in my mobile i called my husband and he told me that we were eccepted and after 2 days we will go to pick a baby in the orphanage I was not sure if i was dreaming ,,, After we told our family that we are now serious about the adoption , we asked my mum to go with me to the orphanage On my way to the orphange i was realy nervous I asked the social worker therer: How can iknow that this baby is the chosen one?" She said: "he or she will pick you !" I walked in i saw some of the orphans it was heartbreaking, then the social worker took us to the nursery room, and she pick up a sleeping baby , he was a tiny baby boy,he looked at me and gave me the most amazing toothless smile My heart was beating When i picked him , i felt the whole world stopped My hubby hugged him And he whispered to me : "honey he is the one" I couldnt let him go i hugged him and i was so happy to finish all his papers and it was time to go home for the first time as a parents The whole family was happy they gathered in my parents house with alots of gifts for my baby We went to the closest mothercare and bought him the basics it was the start of our amazing journey !